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Consumers :
you are
in charge


Let's follow this logic:

If we keep buying a product,

they will keep selling it. Right?

That puts a lot of power

into our hands. 

Where to start?

Grocery Stores

Bring your own bags

Do you ever think: "I wish I could live in a world where plastic bags are stuck in trees and rivers." 

I doubt it.

Tip: Get a pretty key holder, install it by your front door, use it for your car keys and grocery bags.

Skip the produce bag unless you have your own  

Will you wash your produce before consuming them? Most likely. So why bother putting them in flimsy plastic bags?

Tip: If you prefer having them organized, bring your reusable ones. Here are some good options.

Order at the meat counter: ask for waxed paper only, no plastic

How much space paper takes in a trash? Barely any. Yay! Also, waxed paper degrades faster than plastic.

reusable produce bags
waxed paper

Out and About

Let go of plastic bottles

We now know that plastic bottles don't get a second life even if you put them in the recycling bin. Tip: Treat yourself to a durable reusable stainless steel bottle and make it your best friend.

Express yourself with a to-go coffee cup

Tip: Get fashionable with your own designed reusable coffee cup.

16 billion disposable coffee cups are used each year. 16 billion plastic lids piling up in landfills and oceans. That's lame. Be cool instead.

Say no to single-use utensils & straws

Tip: Keep to-go reusable utensils, like these bad boys here, and straws, in your car. Ladies, you also have the extra option to keep them in your purse. Being independent of plastic feels good!

reusable bottles
reusable coffee mug
titanium utensils

Live fully. Use minimally.

At Home

Get a water filtration system

Tired of transporting heavy polluting water bottles from the grocery store to your home?

Tip: Get amazing tasting filtered water, without microplastics, to refill your stainless steel reusable to-go bottle and your glasses at home. Many options are available: Pure Green Corp, Berkey Filters, Brita and more. 

Rethink your plastic containers

Who said a ziplock bag can only be used once?! Wash & Reuse.

Tip: Much better though; get silicone bags. Add them to your will and save generations of single-use trash! Also, switch to glass and/or stainless steel containers. Oh and cling wrap? No thank you; it's all about beeswax wraps!

Learn about your soaps

Tip: Avoid plastic packaging: buy powdered soap. Simply add water! It's fun to be a chemist. Have a blast discovering all the available options for all types of soap (dish soap, detergent, body, etc.). Make sure it ships in plastic-free packaging.

berkey water filter
EcoLunchbox containers

All Around

Be a sustainable shopper

Most clothing is now made with plastic. Tip: Open the door to an exciting world: thrift stores! They are real treasure boxes with used AND new items.


When shopping online, including for food, give your business to vendors that do not use plastic packaging and let the others know why you won't buy from them.

Party the right way

Hosting a party and/or have been invited to one? Look into plastic free options (the best are always the reusable items). If you are a guest, suggest helping the host with sustainable options and/or bring your own reusable ones. 

Fall in love...all over again

Repair your stuff! Skip the mindfulness class and learn how to sew instead. Help stimulate local businesses by getting your shoes fixed instead of trashed. Buy quality, not quantity. 

patagonia jeans
patagonia shirt
Leaf plate cutlery
sewing kit

awesome ways to live

The most environmentally friendly product is the one you didn’t buy.  

 – Joshua Becker

Annaig Pilpre

Annaig's ways

"My daughter, 8 years old, started taking choir lessons this year. Each parent has to commit to bring snacks and water at least once during the year for everyone at the rehearsal.


Last Friday, I was in charge of bringing the snacks and water. This a group of around 26 people, with students, aides, and teachers.

I am part of the green team in our elementary school in Santa Monica, where my two oldest children are, and I am used to think about ways to make events, parties, snacks more sustainable and easy for everyone.

I suggested to the professor in charge to try to organize a low-waste snack : pretzels by bulk, and apples. The goal is to make this break as quick and easy and without the use of individual plastic containers.


It is possible! Also, it was cheap and healthy."

Low Waste Snack

sustainable snacks kids
sustainable snacks kids
  • PRETZELS BY BULK (I went to Co-Opportunity Santa Monica with 2 big glass jars and filled them up)







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