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We are partnered with distributors supplying sturdy, certified, sustainable food packaging options.  

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Below are some examples of fiber and paper products that like.

Many more didn't make it on this page: contact us today with what you are looking for.


Shopping Bags.jpg
Sandwich or Cookie bag 6.5x1x8.jpg


Salads Fiber.jpg
24oz Oval Bowl with Food.jpg
Hexagon Bowl 1.png
Oval Bowl 1.png


NoTree # 3 - 8.7Lx6.25Wx2.5H.png
Naturally waxed foldable containers.jpg

Catering Pans

120oz Pan - Raised Lid.png
120oz PLA lined Pan (12.8x10.5x2.7H).png
120oz PLA lined Pan (12.8x10.5x2.7H)-1.png
La Playa Soul Kitchen (1).jpg


9x6 Hoagie Clamshell-Food.png
6x6 Sm Clamshell 1-comp.png
13.5 x 6.5 x 1.25 Fiber Flatbread Clamshell.png
9x9 Lg Fiber Clamshell 3-comp(2).png


Food Boxes.png
Food Tray - 36oz.png
Fiber food tray - 60oz.png
Fiber lid for 9x7 food boxes.png
Fiber food box 9x7x3 - 48oz.png
Fiber food box 9x7 2-comp.png
Fiber food box 9x7x2.25 - 32oz.png
Kraft Soup Containers - Plastic Lining.jpg
8 oz FSC Paper Bowl-White.png
12oz No Tree Paper Bowl.png
32 oz NoTree Paper Bowl-Wide.png
32oz NoTree Lid.png


Kraft Double-Wall Cups.jpg
Kraft Double-Wall Cups 1.jpg
Fiber lid for hot cups.png
Fiber lid for hot cups-8oz.png
Fiber lid for 10-22oz cups - straw-in.png
Sleeve - 8, 10-20oz.png
2oz cup - NoTree.png

Straws - Paper