2019-11-15: Indonesia’s food chain turns toxic as plastic waste exports flood in

Some of us do not see how everything is connected. Plastic is made with harmful chemicals. What happens to these chemicals once plastic is discarded and mismanaged? They leach into our food. Yuyun Ismawati said it right: “Plastic waste is a serious toxic chemical pollution problem.” 

2019-09-16: California Lawmakers Punt On Landmark Plastic Pollution Bill

Must be wonderful to live in a world where you can create trash and never worry about where it goes or its consequences on the environment. Well, this is the world food packaging manufacturers now live in. Why is that and why should we let it happen? 

2019-09-12: Today’s special: Grilled salmon laced with plastic

Imagine yourself holding a flimsy plastic food wrapper. Now, imagine bringing it to your mouth, putting it in your mouth and chewing it. This is what marine animals and fish are doing. You are too by eating them: it is just a little more tasty.

2019-07-09:  Basically everything you’re given on an airplane is wrapped in plastic.

Airlines might not be the biggest plastic polluters, but the more plastic-free practices they apply, the more their customers become aware of actions they can take directly to reduce plastic. Airlines have the budget to be creative with how they serve their customers plastic-free products, thereby setting examples for thousands of people daily. A plastic-free flight? This is inspiring.

2019-07-07:  ‘The odour of burning wakes us’: inside the Philippines’ Plastic City

This little Filipino girl isn’t worried about secondhand cigarette smoke; she’s worried about secondhand smoke from burning trash and plastic. She was diagnosed three times with pneumonia. We can’t dictate her government’s laws, but we can influence ours. She’s breathing in the world’s trash. Let’s not contribute to this. Let’s change the way we manage our waste.

2019-06-29:  69 containers of rubbish arrive back in Canada, six years after being dumped in the Philippines.

Our magic tricks don’t work anymore. A friend of mine recently told me: “I read that the biggest plastic polluters are not USA, Canada, or Europe, but countries like China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.” Well, that does make sense if the richer countries have been shipping their plastic waste to the poorest countries. Our routine was to ship our problem to someone else! But now the curtain is opening, as are our eyes, and the wizard is revealed!

2019-05-11:  Almost every country in the world agrees deal to cut plastic pollution – except US

One hundred and eighty-six countries feel that plastic pollution is a very serious problem. This 
agreement will help share data that will then trigger more funding to speed the clean up of the mess we’ve made. Let’s pull our heads out of the sand (“plastic sand”) and take action today! And every day!

2019-02-26: How Germany’s recycling ends up in Malaysian dumps

Germany is proud of their recycling system; residents are disciplined and most recyclable items are properly washed, separated and sorted. It’s all ready for a second life! How exciting…especially when most of it ends-up in Malaysian dumps.


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