Our programs have one common goal: reduce the amount of plastic consumption.

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The Customer First Program

Are you a merchant?  Plastic Rehab invites you to participate in our “Customer First” program by offering your customers the option to choose fully biodegradable fiber products instead of plastic or polystyrene products you may currently offer.

We believe every customer should be given the opportunity to choose a healthier option, and to understand how their choice impacts their life and the lives of others.

To achieve our mission, we have partnered with single-use product distributors who will provide your first fiber product order at a comparable cost to your existing plastic product.

Plastic Rehab will give you a free sign that can be placed on your counter to alert customers to their option.  We will also train your employees for free on how to offer the program.

The customer may then decide if they agree to pay a small extra fee for a fiber product. If no customers decide to choose the eco-friendly option, you will still benefit by:

Showing your customers that you want them to have a choice.
Showing your customers that you care about the environment and the quality of your food.
Showing your customers that you are informed and are taking action with Plastic Rehab.
Showing your customers that you encourage local environmental organizations.

This is an opportunity to hear your customers’ opinions about plastic and polystyrene.

This is a risk-free trial since, even if your customers do not opt to pay a fee for more expensive fiber products, you may provide those products for free at no additional cost to you.

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