Our programs have one common goal: reduce the amount of plastic consumption.

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Reduce the Road Blocks

Reform the System

Replace the Opposition

Reduce, Reform, Replace

Reduce the influence of the Plastic Industry.

The Plastic Industry Association has been increasing its campaign contributions every cycle. Many individual companies including PepsiCo and Coca Cola are also spending millions to ensure that your representatives take no action to reduce plastic consumption. They’ll even create pseudo-environmental organizations to promote plastic recycling, neglecting the fact that 90% of plastic is never recycled. Even when responsible consumers put their plastic in the recycling bin, it’s still much more likely to end up in the ocean, in a landfill, or incinerated than ever being recycled.

  • Learn to recognize organizations that seem to promote eco-friendly programs, but are actually working to ensure the continued use of single use plastics.
  • Identify who is taking contributions from the Plastic Industry

Reform the current system to create a more sustainable planet using our Legislator Green Toolkit (coming soon).

  • Learn about legislation ideas from around the world and the effect it could have or is already having
  • Identify “low hanging fruit” legislation that has broad support (75%+ support) including polling data
  • Find experts to consult on particular issues and how to become a planet advocate (including Plastic Rehab consulting)
  • Find local ballot initiatives and petitions to support in your community
  • Contact representatives to see where they stand on the issues and collaborate on the solutions
  • Register fellow environmental advocates to vote and double check your registration status
Replace the legislators who refuse to act
  •  Run For Something – Use our Legislator Green Toolkit for yourself if your representative refuses to.
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