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Individual actions combine to make a big difference. Here we collect stories from consumers who have found ways to reduce their plastic footprint.

Low waste snack - Nov 2019

My daughter, 8 years old, started taking choir lessons this year. Each parent has to commit to bring snacks and water at least once during the year for everyone at the rehearsal.

Last Friday, I was in charge of bringing the snacks and water. This a group of around 26 people, with students, aides, and teachers.

I am part of the green team in our elementary school in Santa Monica, where my two oldest children are, and I am used to think about ways to make events, parties, snacks more sustainable and easy for everyone.

I proposed to the professor in charge to try to organize a low-waste snack : pretzels by bulk, and apples. The goal is to make this break as quick and easy as with the use of individual plastics containers. And it is really possible ! I would add that is was cheap and healthy.

  • Pretzels by bulk : I went to co-opportunity Santa Monica with 2 big glass jars and I bought pretzels.

  • 14 organics apples cut in half

  • A gallon of water in a glass jar

  • Reusable glasses to have individual portions of pretzels

  • Reusable tablecloth

  • Reusable napkins

  • A container to get the compost back

Results : no single-use plastics and low waste !
Annaig P.

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